Covid-19, new conditions

Cagliari – Italy, 01.07.2020

Dear partner,
due to the evolution of the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, we would like to inform you about our new booking and cancellation
policy for the new weekly rentals of the 2020 season, starting from today until new instructions.

1. For new bookings, the amount of the deposit will be 30% of the rental price, instead of the usual 50%

2. Only in case of closure of national borders or between regions, which prevents the use of the charter, it will be possible to take advantage of the following possibilities:

a) date change: given the full evolution of the epidemic, we offer as a first alternative the postponement of the cruise date,
compatibly with the availability of the seasonal booking and the following conditions:
– The deposit already paid will remain valid for the rental in the following period;
– If the new rental period falls into a seasonal range compared to the one previously chosen, the difference will have to be paid
when settling the balance.
b) conversion into voucher for 2021: If the change of date during the current season is not foreseeable, we offer the possibility of
converting the deposit into a voucher that can be spent during the 2021 season, under the conditions indicated in point a)

For reservations already confirmed, the provisions of points a) and b) apply.

BALANCE: The balance, equal to 70%, will be payable 30 days before the arrival date